New Delhi: Advocating the complete elimination of discretionary quota of the government, the leading industry chamber Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) urged it to play the most important role in preventing corruption in the country.

“Misuse of discretion and standards, lack of transparent rules and procedures and lack of transparency in public procurement are the key challenges for governance,” new CII president B Muthuraman told reporters here on Monday.

Interacting with the media after he took over as the president of CII, Muthuraman said, “if India is to emerge as a global destination for capital, then the importance of quality of governance cannot be overemphasized.”

The chamber would initiate an action plan for removal of discretionary powers, particularly in allotment of natural resources, said Mutthuraman, who is also the Managing Director and Vice President of Tata Steel. Needless to say that many expansion projects of Tata Steel are stuck and are waiting permission from Central as well as state governments.

Further, Mutthuraman stressed that the government had allocated the 2G spectrum under discretionary authority which resulted in one of the biggest scams in the country.

Terming the black money as a serious problem, the CII president asked the government to introduce a one-time amnesty scheme so that people who have black money can make correct declaration of assets. He also urged the government to take stringent action against those who fail to comply with this.

Commenting on job quota for backward classes, he said the employment of Dalits in private companies should not be made legally compulsory instead it should be left to the discretion of the companies.
He cited the example of a survey conducted by the CII which shows its member companies have recruited at least 18 to 20 percent of employees belonging to the backward classes of society.