"I don't think these are bold subjects. All of it which I explored through cinema did exist in the society. I just wanted to talk about them through entertainment as a medium," Jadhav, whose short film 'Mitra' would be premiered in the Goa Marathi Film Festival here, said.
"People would not have listened to me if I had to stand on the road and scream. So I had to do it in the language that people understand so that I can reach out to the maximum people," the 48 year old director added.
'Mitra' is a part of anthology 'Bioscope' which would be premiered at the fest beginning on Friday.

"The film, which revolves around homosexuality, is also an effort to reach out to the society with a message. The movie won an award at the Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival 2014 for best Indian narrative short film. The actress Veena Jamkar also received honours," he said.
Jadhav said his association with other directors during production of 'Bioscope' was fabulous.

"During 'Bioscope', I had good bonding with other directors. We were really open to each others' suggestions," he said talking about the project which is first ever anthology based on poems.
The film has other directors Girish Mohite (Bail), Viju Mane (Ek-Hota-Chivu) and Gajendra Ahire (Dil-E-Nadan).
He said anthology as a genre is always good because people can share the ideas.

"When two people discuss ideas there is always a good outcome. You also tend to know how other people work. It’s a learning experience for everybody. This is a welcome genre in the film industry," he said.

The director is currently working on his next film 'Banjo' which is his first Hindi venture.

Previously, the filmmaker won national honour for his debut movie 'Natarang' (2010) which is based on Marathi folk art 'Tamasha' and the taboo associated with it.

Then came 'Bal Gandharv' based on actors who played female roles in times when women were not allowed to act.

Jadhav's 'Balak Palak' (2013) produced by film actor Riteish Deshmukh talked about the sex education and his last release 'Time Pass' showed the chemistry of teenage lovers.

'Balak Palak' grew beyond Maharashtra, while Riteish had held special screening of the film for the industry.

"He ensured that the film gets maximum eye balls. Riteish as a producer is open for different kind of ideas. He wants to explore different kind of subjects. He is experimental and open to work with different concepts. Moreover, he also works to ensure that film reaches out to the people and the message which is given in the film is spread properly. In future we will have more projects together," the director said.


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