"The intention of having WhatsApp service is to enable police to immediately transmit messages, photos, videos of any scene of crime, any incident, any suspect, a criminal who is on the run after committing a crime, a arrested person, information about any snatching r Robbery-property," Hyderabad Police Commissioner C V Anand said at the launch event.

Traffic offences/violations, traffic jams, any suggestions on improving traffic flow, any traffic violator who is resisting etc can also be made, he said adding "this will help all officers to be aware and alert about whats happening in other parts of the large jurisdiction of Cyberabad Police Commissionerate and take action as per the situation."

Citizens can send messages, photos, videos of anything happening in their surroundings, any incident, any suspicious person, any other issue troubling them, any traffic violation, any crime they witnessed etc to 9490617444, the Hyderabad Police chief said.

"The action taken report will be collected from the officers and sent to citizens on need basis, as and when required," Anand added.

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