Chandigarh:  Alarmed by the increasing number of female foeticides in the state, Chief Secretary Urvashi Gulati has asked the civil society to advice the government on the initiatives in this regard.

Gulati was speaking during a seminar on ‘Population trends in Haryana’ organised by Haryana Tourism in collaboration with the Population Department on Thursday.

Emphasising on the need for analysis and redesigning policies of state run ‘Ladli’ scheme, she said, “The government is interested in launching new policies and will consider the recommendations of experts and social workers.”

Expressing concern on the unhealthy trend of male-female ratio, she said, “The figures of the latest census are surprising as compared to the 2001 census. Previously, female deaths were due to partiality, neglect and lack of better care, but now they fall victim to latest technology.”

“Technology is used to determine the sex of the child due to the preference for the male child in the rural regions,” she said.

Referring to a prose in the book ‘May you be the mother of hundred sons’ she said that even when we bless younger ones, we say “may you be blessed with a son”.

She also inaugurated a photo exhibition ‘To be a Woman’ at the National Museum and Art Gallery.