Lucknow: A piece to news to cool off the residents of Uttar Pradesh reeling under heavy power cuts! Now people residing in UP facing prolonged electricity outages can claim compensation. In this regard, the UP Electricity Regulatory Commission (UPERC) on Monday issued orders under the Electricity Distribution Code, 2005 and imposed the compensatory clause.

The UPERC said that all electricity distribution companies will have to compensate consumers in case of power outages caused at the distribution end for more than five hours. Besides, the consumers will also get compensation on any equipment (refrigerator or TV) failure due to fluctuation of voltage.

The clause empowers a consumer to avail compensation for facing problems related to fuse wire, line breakdown and failure of distribution transformers. Whereas in situations like fluctuation of voltage and inconvenience faced during network expansion and incomplete upgradation work within the expected delivery time by companies, the consumers can claim compensation.

In each case the amount of compensation will be atleast between Rs 50 and Rs 150, which means consumers can avail a compensation of Rs 50 if power outages prolong for a period of five hours and more. The compensation will increase up to Rs 100 and 150 respectively if the power is not restored back within 10 and 13 hours respectively. This will be adjusted in the electricity bill of consumers.