The clamour from different quarters over the delay in execution of death sentence of the convict of the Parliament House attack, Afzal Guru, belies the Centre’s earnestness of having stony and firm posturing towards those who pose security menace to the country having constantly in the fire-line of terrorism. The ‘hang Afzal’ cry made by the victims’ families, which reached crescendo on the tenth anniversary of the Parliament attack, might not have ruffled the feathers of the ministers and mandarins, but it has hung the heads of countrymen in shame. It is highly outrageous and shell-shocking that carrying out death punishment of Afzal, who was accomplice of the machination having been hatched to attack the temple of democracy, is being delayed because a handful leaders fear having antagonistic impact on their vote bank. This is not only a politics of despicable sort rather a brazen attempt to thin down the sacrifice and bravery made by the Army who do not think twice while laying down their lives in serving the nation. The ruling dispensation at the Centre has been hamming and haw in execution of death sentence to Afzal Guru for the last seven years, which is a clear manifestation of bending of the government before the perpetrators that will inevitably spur their morals to make the nation bleed. The indifferent attitude of the government regarding the Afzal case punctured its tall claim of bulldozing nefarious designs of terror elements.

After glossing over the clemency petition of Afzal Guru for long, another story is being woven that the issue is pending before the Rashtrapati Bhavan and the Constitution does not give any time limit for the President to decide on the mercy plea. This is sheer irrational point as everyone knows, for settling its political scores, the government did not have compunction in calling the President on sojourn visit to abroad some time back, which palpably explains how the leadership at the Centre is going frail and indecisive.  The way political one-upmanship is being played in the case of Afzal Guru, indicates the execution of his death punishment may go undecided for more years. It is quite clear the Central government will appear pale and blow hot and cold at the time of carrying out the punishment of Azmal Kasab, the lone survivor of the Mumbai attack. If it is not so, his case should have been wrapped up much earlier.