The reiteration by Union Home Minister terming the Batla House encounter as genuine in the backdrop of another prominent leader of the UPA who tried to prove the encounter as ‘fake’ is indeed a sorry affair for the public, security agencies as well as the ruling party. Ruling out reopening of the 2008 encounter case, Home Minister Chidambaram rubbished the claims made by Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh proclaiming that the September 2008 encounter in the national capital, which resulted in the killing of Indian Mujahideen commander Atif Ameen, was fake. The Home Minister’s forthright remark came even as the BJP attacked the Congress leadership and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh about Digvijay Singh's "dirty politics for the sake of votes" over the encounter. Chidambaram’s respectful dismissal of Digvijay Singh’s remark on ‘fake encounter’ can be touted as compulsion but how can the Congress leadership’s pin-drop silence over the general secretary’s remark be justified? It seems the party leadership is also helpless before Digvijay. If not then why isn’t the leadership not discouraging Digvijay from putting the party in further embarrassment? Despite the Prime Minister and Home Minister’s refusal to reopen the Batla House case, why is Digvijay Singh hell-bent on opening the Pandora’s Box again in this regard? It can be understood that the Congress is leaving no stone unturned in strengthening its position in Uttar Pradesh ahead of the Assembly polls for which Digvijay Singh along with Rahul Gandhi are working rigorously. But can they stoop so low to reap benefits by misleading the country and decry the Prime Minister and Home Minister? Digvijay Singh made his latest intervention in the Batla House encounter case at Azamgarh after a group of Muslim youth heckled Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi and burnt his effigy there. This once again proves the point that political leaders can resort to any stunt to woo voters.

It is high time for the policy makers of the ruling coalition to realise that such incidents send a wrong message to the people that the UPA government is unable to arrest the internal political bickering. How can a government be termed able when its own leaders question claims made by their party colleagues? Digvijay Singh is known for his forthright statements, but he often indulges in controversial issues related to his own party-led ruling government. This puts the Congress in an embarrassing situation. Undoubtedly, it solely depends on the Congress to decide whether it wants to cut down Digvijay’s rhetoric. But no one can be allowed to show the security agencies in a bad light for the sake of wooing voters.