Kolkata: It is very hard to believe that a seven-year-old child can be an author of two books on an extremely complex subject that is paleontology. Pritvik, a student of class four has shaken the world of Science by his book written on “'When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth”.

This extra-ordinary boy, Pritvik said about dinosaurs that they have been on this earth for millions of years and we have discovered only some of them. There are still so many of them left to be discovered.

"Sometime it becomes difficult for me to fulfill all the demands of such a special child. I have to accept that my child is different from others when I feel that he remembers so many names", Pritvik’s mother Indira said.

But for his grandfather, he is a rare light of genius. He said, "When Pritvik was two and a half-year-old he told me about the centrifugal force, which I learnt at the college time".

Pritvik has already completed his second book and is working on his third. His dream is to be a successful paleontologist. And so the journey begins for this young boy fascinated with “what roamed the earth millions of years ago”.


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