New Delhi: Anna Hazare, the person who has emerged as the second Gandhi for aam adami has overshadowed all the intellectual political elites.

The Gandhian who is just Class IX pass out has swayed the masses with his simplicity and straight forward ideas.

While the 74-year-old veteran has been successful in giving heavy blows to Harvard educated Kapil Sibal, he has also overshadowed the most competent ministers P Chidambaram, Salman Khurshid and many other highly educated political figures.

Anna’s simple communication makes him a popular and poster-boy of the country. Be it the street vendors or the intellectual citizens, Anna has gravitated everyone to join him in his crusade against corruption.

The political leaders who threatened Anna’s movement by calling ‘Parliament is supreme’ were left numb as he stated, “In a democracy, public is the supreme. The people seated in the Parliament have been elected by us.”

Comparing Anna to Gandhi, eminent journalist Neerja Choudhary said, “This is the result of petty politics. He is not a good speaker but he knows the art of winning hearts of people like Gandhiji did. The message seems to be clear for the political figures that only work of leaders is acknowledged.”