New Delhi: A grand Italian opera with participation from Indian artistes is set to regale audiences here.

Young artistes from India are collaborating with Italian musicians for the opera that is part of celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy organissed by the Embassy of Italy along with the Indian Council of Cultural Relations.

"It is a big opportunity for Italy and India to allow their artistes to get acquainted with both the cultures and this will bring people together through art," Ambassador of Italy to India, Giacomo Sanfelice di Monteforte said.
Regarded as one of the classis of  'verismo' (realism) in opera style, the story Cavalleria Rusticano by Pietro when first performed in Rome in 1890, was an immediate success.

Based on a play by Giovanni Verga, the opera potrays love and jealousy in Sicily at the end of the 19th century.

The orchestra conducted by Indian Maestro Vijay Upadhyaya includes 70 musicians and a choir of 50 artistes from the Neemrana Music Foundation.

The opera is scheduled to be performed on November 15 at Siri Fort Auditorium here as part of the closing gala for the fifth Delhi International Arts Festival (DIAF). A total of 95 musicians are from, India. The artistes will also be joined by renowned Italian Soprano Francesca Patane and set director Maurizio Di Mattia from Italy.

"This is going to be big because people in India do not have an idea of opera style. It is a great opportunity for young artistes, musicians and singers to interact with international artistes and learn their style of music," said Prathibha Prahlad, Director, DIAF.

On performing in India, noted Italian Soprano Francesca Patane said," I truly believe music is the international language. One does not necessarily have to understand it to enjoy it. Italian opera is like a virus, once you hear it, it becomes difficult to get rid of it."

"We do not have enough auditoriums for this kind of event and also Indian audiences do not have a taste for opera recital, however, this will surely open up a lot of opportunities for audiences as well as artistes to enjoy global music," added Prahlad.