But as people talk about Holi, the prime concern that hit our mind is chemical based colours, which harm not only human but also the mother nature. Many even boycott playing Holi keeping the harmful sides of colours in their mind. Many even see playing holi as sheer wastage of water that can create water crisis in near future.

But, what if this year we plan to enjoy the festival with full speed, but just to make it a bit environment friendly. Jagran post has chalked out a guideline for all to play an eco-frindly Holi just to add more colours of safety and satisfaction to your celebration.

Celebrate an Eco-Friendly Holi

Have a quick look here how can you celebrate an eco-friendly Holi this year, which will also encourage your friends and relatives for having such a safe and natural celebration.

'Holi Khele Raghuveera'...but only with Natural Colours

We advise you to use only natural and home made colours during Holi. Using natural colours ensure that you do not harm your skin, eyes and hair while playing Holi in full mood. The chemical based colours normally used during Holi are not only harmful for your skin, eyes, hair, etc; but also cause permanent disorder to your precious organs.

'No' to Plastic Bags and Balloons

Many people have a habit of throwing small plastic bags and balloons filled with water on each other. That creates environmental pollution. Hitting each other with plastic bags and balloons during Holi can cause harm to some external organs. You can also stop other people from doing this.

Avoid  Irrelevant Products

Avoid using irrelevant and harmful products like oil paints, petrol, mud and other chemical based product during Holi. These products can create health hazards and also harm nature.

Avoid Wasting Water

Who doesn't love cool splashes of water, but we should use it in limited amount. It is necessary to avoid wastage of water on account of such occasions. Using natural colours is one of the best ways to avoid wastage of water.

Happy Holi to all...

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