Kolkata: Power hungry India should go for "clean" nuclear energy, including that from the Kudankulam atomic plant, former President APJ Abdul Kalam on Monday said, warning that fossil fuel burnt by states would damage the Earth.

The fossil fuel burnt every year by all states was equivalent to 30 billion tonne of carbon dioxide, Kalam said when asked about West Bengal government's opposition to nuclear power.

"Only clean power is the solution. Solar, nuclear, bio and hydel are clean power," Kalam told reporters on the sidelines of IIM Calcutta's golden jubilee celebration.

Asked about the Kudankulam nuclear power issue, Kalam said, "We are a power hungry nation and 2000 MW of clean power is ready to be pumped into the grid. If it is clean power you must go for it."

Noting that he had visited Kudankulam, he said, "It is really a modern plant."

Asked about its safety, he replied, "Of course, I am confident of its safety."

Kalam also spoke about Gujarat's success in agriculture which registered nine percent growth. Kalam did not respond directly on whether a Vice-chancellor of a university should be from a political party, but said he should be highly academically oriented.