New Delhi: Former Union Minister and TMC MP Dinesh Trivedi on Friday urged Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to clean up legislature and do away with the exhibit of power symbols and privileges of the political class.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, the lawmaker said as per tClean up legislature: TMC MP to PMhe available information, there are many legislators with serious criminal records.

 “Their cases should be tried by fast-track courts so that either they are acquitted if proven not guilty, or convicted, as there is no place for a single legislator with a criminal record to be either in the Assembly or Parliament.”

“Slowly but surely the common man is losing faith in democratic institutions such as Parliament, CAG, judiciary etc, despite these institutions having a good number of capable and honest people,” he wrote.

“The politicians today appear to be serving their political parties first rather than the nation, their priority must be ‘Country First’. A democracy cannot survive if the rule of law is applicable to only a selected few influential people like politicians, civil servants or the rich and famous,” he said.


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