London: British pop legend Cliff Richard says he wants to do collaboration with singers Rihanna and Lady Gaga.
The 'Summer Holiday' hitmaker, who has previously sung with Elton John, is a fan of the 'Umbrella' singer and would like to share a duet with Rihanna.
"Somebody asked me if I'd like to sing with Rihanna and I thought, 'Who wouldn't?' She looks fantastic, she's got a great voice, but in the case of duets, if it's feasible, it's always a matter of what the song is.”
"If we both like the song, that's the best way to do a duet. I couldn't just say, 'Yes, I'll come' and then sing some dance thing I don't like," he said.
The 71-year-old singer is also keen to work with pop phenomenon Gaga and says he's not sure if either artist would consider working with him.
"Well, Gaga's got a great voice. These people are great singers. It would be dependent on whether they wanted to sing with someone like me," he added.