Washington: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appreciated the significant role played by Meera Shankar in her capacity as the Indian Ambassador to the US as her nearly two-and-half-year of tenure as New Delhi's top diplomatic representative here comes to an end this week.

"On behalf of American people and the Obama Administration, I extend my best wishes to you as your celebrated tenure as the Ambassador of India comes to an end," Clinton told Shankar.

"I am thankful to you for your services and remain deeply grateful to you to strengthen the important partnership between our two countries," Clinton said when Shankar went to meet her at the Foggy Bottom headquarters of the State Department on Wednesday.

During the meeting, Clinton also conveyed her appreciation for Shankar's contribution to the relationship and the role that she had played during her nearly two and half years tenure as the Indian Ambassador to the US.

This was probably her last meeting with the Secretary of State in her capacity as the Indian Ambassador to India.

Her tenure comes to an end July 31. "When I met her, she expressed her happiness with the outcome of her recent visit to India and the conversations that she had there and the discussions that took place between delegations at various levels," Shankar said after the meeting.

"I conveyed our commitment to string partnership between India and the United States and to seeing her continued interest and her support to this relationship," she added.