London, Jan 05 (Agencies): Actor George Clooney is all set to the star in big screen adaptation of bestselling crime novel, ‘The Monster of Florence’. He will play author Douglas Preston.

Preston wrote the non-fiction bestseller with Italian crime reporter Mario Spezi. The book concerns Preston's move to Italy, and his burgeoning obsession with a 30-year-old series of unsolved murders. Seven couples were savagely murdered between 1974 and 1985 while they sat in cars parked just outside Florence.

He and Spezi made impressive new inroads into a trail that had gone thoroughly cold, but their investigation ruffled some feathers among the Italian authorities, who at one point even jailed Spezi for being the killer himself (he wasn't).

Christopher McQuarrie has been working on the script, and it's still his version, co-written with Nathan Alexander, that will go before the cameras.

McQuarrie will also co-produce it with Fox.