The police said that at around 6.40 pm the AC in the room caught fire while she was inside the toilet. She felt uneasy after inhaling the smoke as she shouted the name of an aide Joydeep for help.
State transport minister Madan Mitra, who accompanied the CM in her campaigning with filmstar-turned TMC MP Mithun Chakraborty, said, "After hearing the cries of Banerjee, Joydeep rushed to Banerjee's help and wrapped her with a blanket, pulling her out of the room. The room was filled with smoke."
The police said that a doctor came soon and examined her. Fire tenders arrived soon and extinguished the fire.
According to Mitra, Banerjee is unhurt and safe.
An investigation is on into the incident, the police said adding they suspected a short circuit behind the fire.
Madan Mitra told reporters that there was a 'conspiracy' behind the fire.
Mitra said that while Banerjee was in the first floor room, he was in the third floor along with Mithun when the incident took place.

Later, in a letter to Chief Election Commissioner VS Sampath and state CEO Sunil Kumar Gupta, TMC General Secretary Mukul Roy accused the EC of failure to ensure the safety and security of the chief minister who was a Z+ category protectee.
"Law and order in the state is now under the absolute superintendence, direction and control of the Election Commission, which has failed in its duty to ensure her safety and security," Roy said.
"I wish to bring to your notice that the safety norms and procedures were completely disregarded by the administrative machinery under your control," it said.
"This incident could have had fatal, disastrous consequences with repercussions in West Bengal and the entire nation," he said.
"One cannot rule out a deep, devious conspiracy behind this incident," he said.
Narrating the sequence of events, the letter said that the chief minister was staying at Golden Park Hotel in Malda when she heard a loud crackling sound when she was in the washroom.
"She called out for her aide who helped her to rush out of her room which was engulfed in thick smoke and the visibility was poor. On account of exposure to smoke and noxious fumes, she took ill," Roy said.


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