New Delhi: Gone are the days of security guards and dogs keeping an eye for your safety. An electronic device is at every shop nowadays. Be it a jewellery shop or expensive clothing showroom, CCTVs of Closed Circuit cameras are at every nook and corner of shops to monitor the movement of people and the staff.

In a recent incident, expensive clothes were getting disappeared from Gurkirat Singh’s storehouse in Delhi’s famour market. It was only when he installed a CCTV in his store and monitored footage to find out the thief was his employee who has been working with him since a decade.

Like Singh, there are many people who are getting tech savy and opting for this device to keep an eye.

“I got CCTVs installed in my two other shops and godowns as well and it's very comforting to know that none of my employees would dare to steal from me again,” said Singh with a satisfied sigh.

Likewise, when 26-year-old Geeta Mathur hired a babysitter for her six-month-old boy, she installed CCTV cameras around her flat to be sure that the baby was treated well behind her back. The recorded footage was monitored by Geeta and her husband every night.

However, after a few weeks they were in shock to see their maid mercilessly leaving the kid unattended as she sat engrossed in front of TV and gorged on food. The baby wailed, but the maid never budged.

“The poor soul needed a diaper change and was hungry, but she remained glued to the TV. She was so shameless that she shut the door of the baby's room to shun his cries. It was only in the evening before we returned home that she changed his diapers and fed him,” Mathur said.

These cameras can either be directly connected to a monitor for live-viewing or footage can be recorded on a hard disk to view it later.

According to electronic store owners, sales of the gadget have escalated over the years with a clientele that ranges from over-protective parents to watchful businessmen.

“We sell over a dozen units every month and the sales have been strong and are increasing. Till a few years back, many thought of the CCTV as a fancy and useless gadget, but the perception has completely changed now,” said one of the electric shop owner.

The price ranges anywhere from Rs 350 to Rs 8,000, depending on the features, brand and extra attachments one wishes to buy.

The Japanese models are top of the price and quality range, followed by Taiwanese and Chinese models.

According to the shopkeepers, the most advanced CCTVs are from Toshiba, Panasonic and Sony and are bought mostly by corporate houses, banks and restaurants.

For those who have got the devices installed admit that it was money well spent and recommend it to family and friends.

The CCTVs have also been making huge contributions in cracking criminal cases or providing major leads to investigative agencies.

In the Dhaula Kuan rape case where a BPO employee hailing from Mizoram was raped in a moving vehicle in November last year, it was a CCTV which captured the four accused and played a pivotal role in their arrests.

Also, when 20-year-old engineering student Shobhit Modi was found murdered near his house in Vasant Kunj, it was CCTV footage from a mall that showed that Modi entered the area with two girls around May 5 and showed him exiting the building alone.