"That's always a possibility to get better contract after doing well here," he told reporters ahead of Chennai Super Kings and Scorchers match at Chinnaswamy stadium on Saturday..

"There is no reason why the players wouldn't be selected for the country or getting better contracts after performing well in the Champions League. If you have been continuously performing well, there are plenty of opportunities out there -- T20 and playing for the country," he added.

Stating that the players are looking forward to performing well here at every stage, Behrendorff said, "That's something which everyone in the team is pointing out, making sure to give best performance at every stage of the game."

Talking about their gameplan in a crucial match against Chennai tomorrow, Behrendorff said his team would be looking to pick early wickets and push the rivals on the backfoot.

"We want to put them on the backfoot by getting early wickets - that's the plan for us," he revealed.

"Here the wicket is good, boundaries are short and there's fast outfield so we have got to do everything which we can to take the batsman away from their main gameplan with mixing up deliveries," Behrendorff explained.

Opening batsman Craig Simmons said his team has the capability to knock off Chennai as they could push the opponents to the very end of the match.

"We pushed Kolkata (Knight Riders) the other night right till the death. There is no reason why we can's get pretty close to knocking off Chennai as well," he said.

Simmons also said the team is happy to play on a good batting track here and are looking forward to posting a win tomorrow so as to keep the hopes of qualifying in the last-four stage alive.

"All the batsmen are looking forward to play in Bangalore. We all have had very good things about the wicket.

Short boundaries, quick outfields ... looking forward to a win," he said.

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