New Delhi: With BJP not allowing Parliament to function demanding Sheila Dikshit's resignation, Delhi government on Wednesday tore into the main opposition saying there was no indictment of the Chief Minister in CAG report on CWG projects which was being "unnecessarily politicised".

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As the attack on Dikshit mounted inside and outside Parliament, the city government aggressively defended the Chief Minister, ruling out her resignation and instead charged the BJP with trying to take "political mileage" from the auditor's report.

"We have gone through the report. Nowhere in the report either the Chief Minister or any minister or any public functionary has been named. Nobody has been indicted. There is no mention of their names. Where is the indictment of the Chief Minister?," Transport Minister Arvinder Singh Lovely told a press conference after a cabinet meeting during which the issue was discussed threadbare.

Noting that most of the decisions related to Commonwealth Games projects were not taken by the "political head", he said council of Ministers had only given policy directives based on assesment of concerned officials. However, Lovely was quick to add that he was not trying to blame the bureaucrats.

"The political head does not take decisions and what ever decisions were taken, those were collective decisions by the Cabinet," he said rejecting allegations that certain decisions were taken by Dikshit to benefit certain firms.

Lovely said there was "no role" of any political leader or for that matter the Chief Minister in decisions regarding the tender process.

Accusing the BJP of trying to get political benefit out of the report, he said the auditor has in fact showered praise on the city government for certain projects including for the improved lighting system and road signage project in the city. "What is happening now is unnecessary politicisation of the CAG report. Some people are trying to take political mileage out of the report.... Nowhere in the report, there is mention of the words -- corruption or scam," he said.

"If governments are to resign on the basis of CAG report, then in every March, either the central government or state governments, irrespective of political party, will have to be changed as often CAG find some fault in the tender process. The report is being used to achieve political ends," he said.

Parliament could not transact any business as BJP forced adjournment of both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha demanding Dikshit's resignation. The BJP MLAs also staged a protest outside Delhi Secretariat demanding Dikshit's removal.

Reiterating his government's position to cooperate with Public Accounts Committee (PAC), Lovely said if it wants to know anything, the government will be more than happy to do so and maintained that the CAG was an auditor while PAC was a Constitutional body to go into the report.

"The CAG's report is not final. If CAG report is final then there is no need to have PAC. If CAG report is final then there is no need for Murali Manohar Joshi to continue as PAC chief. We will fully cooperate with the PAC and we will accept its recommendation," Lovely said, adding that government has taken legal opinion on the issue also.

Asking BJP to "educate" itself about constitutional provisions and also read the CAG report "properly" before demanding Dikshit's resignations, the Minister said street-lighting and street-scapping projects were also carried out by BJP-ruled MCD where irregularities were pointed out by the auditor.

"CAG has objected to projects implemented by all agencies including MCD. Then why the BJP is only attacking Delhi Government," he said.

Following the tabling of the CAG report in Parliament last week, BJP has been demanding the resignation of Dikshit saying that the auditor has indicted her.

Earlier at the Cabinet meeting chaired by Dikshit, the ministers analysed the situation arising out of the CAG report and decided to give a "strong" reply to the allegations. The government has already prepared its preliminary reply to the irregularities mentioned by the CAG.

Dikshit refused to comment about the uproar in Parliament over the Opposition's demand for her resignation this morning which had lead to its adjournment. "On whatever is happening in Parliament I will not comment on that," she told reporters.

Asked about growing demand for her resignation, she said, "Let them demand."

Queried whether the Delhi government has rejected the CAG report, Lovely said it has not rejected the findings but felt the PAC should make the final recommendations.

"We will accept the recommendations of the PAC. We will offer our full cooperation to PAC. Government has nothing to hide," he said, adding that the auditor has praised the city government for certain projects.

"In Page 427, the CAG has acknowledged the improvement in infrastructure that the Games have brought. They have also praised the infrastructure development brought by the Delhi government," he said.