Jaitapur: Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan’s visit to village Sakhrinate, 3 km from the 9900 mw Jaitapur Nuclear power plant site, has struck a positive note among the people here, but the concerns about the project still linger.

The Maharashtra Chief Minister said on Saturday at a meeting in the area that he would visit the village soon to discuss the objections.

Amjad Borkar, leader of the fishing community here, said that there was still no clarity on how the villagers would be compensated if the project affected fishing.

"We are a village of 7,000 people, dependent solely on fishing. We have about 350 trawlers, small and big fishing boats, and our women sell fish in nearby villages," he said.

The land owners of nearby Madban village would be getting Rs 10 lakh per acre. "What about us?" he asked.

Borkar said though the village was not directly affected by the project, the plant was very close to the area where fishing takes place. "The creeks, from where our boats enter the sea, are now being blocked for security reasons. What will happen when the project comes up?" he said.

However, Borkar said that Chavan certainly struck a positive note by agreeing to discuss all issues.