New Delhi: In what could be a bad news on the eve of New Year, the CNG will become costlier from Saturday by Rs 1.75 per kilogram in the national capital and Rs 2 per kilogram in the NCR.

The environment friendly fuel will now cost Rs 33.75 in Delhi and Rs 37.90 in Greator Noida, Noida and Ghaziabad. This is the sixth price hike in CNG this year. The CNG price was last raised in Delhi by Rs 2 per kg to Rs 32 per kg and by Rs 2.30 in NCR on October 1.

IGL Managing Director M Ravindran said, "We have been forced to increase the retail price of CNG. The recent appreciation of the dollar against the rupee has led to costlier import of the natural gas.”

“Since the last price revision of CNG, dollar has become 14 percent costlier against the rupee. Therefore, the operational cost of the CNG is also proving to be expensive,” he added.

Ravindran said the increase would have a minor impact on per kilometre running cost of vehicles.

"For autos, the increase would be 5 paise per kilometre, for taxis it would be 8 paise per kilometre and in the case of buses, the increase would be 50 paise per kilometre, which translates to less than one paisa per passenger-kilometre," he said. CNG is still a cheaper option for vehicles as compared to petrol and diesel, he added.

Ravindran said, per day consumption of CNG in the capital is 19 lakh kilograms with 278 CNG filing stations in Delhi and NCR. However, 230 are currently working, while 48 yet to be opened.