The way the UPA government which is surrounded by the allegations of policy paralysis has failed to resolve the issue of coal supply to the thermal power stations, it reflects the government’s inability in handling the problems concerned to priority sectors. Can there be anything more important than ensuring uninterrupted coal supply to thermal power stations? It is really unfortunate that PMO’s bids to resolve the impasse between Coal India Limited (CIL) and power sector companies failed to yield any outcome last month. As per the latest information, it has been decided to cancel the Tuesday’s meeting which was convened to resolve the crisis and that too without any clarification in this regard. What is this after all? If the dispute over coal supply between the CIL and the power sector firms is not resolved then it is sure that country is going to witness even greater power crisis. In this context, we cannot overlook the fact that in the absence of any agreement between the two, over one dozen firms are unable to generate power with full of their capacity and the entire nation is suffering from this. Power crisis is apparent in almost every part of the country. No doubt, only power generating plants are not to be blamed for this mess. Actually their output below their capacity is the main reason behind the actual crisis.

It is right that rest parts of the country especially the north Indian states don’t have such a huge demand of electricity after onset of Monsoon. But nobody can claim that common man and the industries are getting optimum power supply. The crisis over coal supply has cropped up due to the dispute between the two ministries- Coal Ministry and Power Ministry. It is hard for an average citizen to understand that why the Union Government seems to be unable to strike an agreement between both the ministries. It is ironical that this is not the first case of dispute between the two ministries of the government which has overshadowed our national interest. Even earlier, there was a dispute between Coal Ministry and Environment Ministry which had hampered the production of coal. In present situation, it is hard to imagine when the dispute between the two ministries- Coal Ministry and Power Ministry. Even if a deal is struck between the CIL and power sector companies, even then one cannot be sure about its early implementation. Rainy season may hamper the production and transportation of coal. The ruling dispensation at the Centre cannot be unmindful of the fact that even last year the transportation of coal which had caused a lot of problems. Now it seems that the Centre has not learnt any lesson from the last year’s experience. If it is not so, then why it is not being able to resolve the crisis which should have been resolved on priority basis?