Lodna (Dhanbad): More than a dozen people along with Parmeshwar Bhuyan are cursing their fortune after BCCL management shifted them from their township area citing the reason that it is hazardous (Danger Zone).Ironically, these workers of Jharkhand Bagdigee coaliary have been shifted to a more hazardous zone.

BCCL coaliary management has asked 63 workers on Wednesday to shift their family to Bagdigee number five.
This declaration has left the workers in a fix as the place they are being sent by the management has already been declared as a fire prone area in the year 1995-96. Because of this the workers were removed from that site.

Workers said in the name of removing encroachment the management has resorted to such an approach and policy makers issued the ultimatum without any giving any second thought.

Meanwhile, coaliary manager G K Mehta said, “DGM and BCCL management determines which location is in the Danger Zone. Bagdigee five number is safe.”