The ruling establishment at the Centre seems to have met its Waterloo after the CAG report on the alleged irregularities in the allocation of coal blocks, the spark of which reached even the PMO making the Prime Minister pipe in his knee-jerk reaction of quitting public life if the allegation is proved. Earlier, the government rubbished any skullduggery in distribution of coal blocks, but later the issue was shifted under the CBI lens on the direction of CVC. In fire-fighting mode for damage control, the explanation came from the corridor of power that what happened during the allotment of coal blocks to private companies was just a replica of the work done under NDA regime. And, as it readily happens in Indian politics after every scam, the game of passing the buck was set in. Everyday different reaction comes up in this regard and people draw inferences whether there is a deliberate bid to sweep the matter under the carpet. Minister of State in Prime Minister's Office, V Narayanasamy recently pointed fingers at BJP president Nitin Gadkari in the coal blocks allocation scam, but later he backtracked from his statement, which deepens cynical feeling among people. So instead of playing mud-slinging, it would be better for the Centre to clear its stand on the CAG report regarding the coalgate. 

Committing the same folly as it did when the 2G scam cropped up, the Central government has this time also pinned the blame on the NDA for the bungling unearthed in allocation of coal blocks during the regime of UPA-I. No one will buy this logic of the ruling dispensation. The moot point is, if any policy was replete with faults during the NDA regime, why the successive government stayed blindfolded and followed it without taking pain to plug the loopholes. Only impartial probe will ascertain if any fly-by-night deal was struck during the allocation of coal blocks, but it is sure that the scam has beaten the image of Congress-led UPA government. Even the Prime Minister is in the dock because allocation of coal blocks was done on large scale when the coal ministry was being headed by him. As telecom industry went into a tailspin after 2G spectrum-gate erupted, it is feared the coal-based industries may also land in the soup. Power sector and many other industries have been affected since the scam surfaced. It is profound irony that on the one hand economy is going downhill owing to episodic irregularities and malpractices found in different sectors, on the other government is not looking bothered for taking concrete steps to bring the architects of scams and scandals to book.