The status report is being submitted on the direction of the Supreme Court which had asked CBI to file a status report two days before scheduled hearing on August 29.

CBI sources said an affidavit in this regard would be filed on Tuesday before the Supreme Court giving a list of the FIRs for which records have been sought from the Coal Ministry and are yet to be provided.

CBI had written a letter to the Coal Ministry on August 14 listing 225 files and documents which had not been provided to the agency despite several reminders.

The Coal Ministry replied recently saying these files or documents may be part of the files which have already been submitted to the agency, the sources said.

They said CBI has formed teams from various branches and all the files were being again scrutinized to look for missing documents.

They said the agency is not likely to term the files "missing" in its affidavit as there is no such communication from the Ministry.

"We cannot go ahead and claim these files to be lost as Ministry is yet to classify them in 'missing' category. It is the Coal Ministry which has to term a file or document 'missing; which can be done only after a given procedure," a CBI official said.

"We will inform the Supreme Court by August 27 about the files which have not been made available to CBI by the Ministry so far. The Supreme Court has directed us to give a list of files which have not been provided by the Ministry," CBI Director Ranjit Sinha had said earlier.

The sources said some crucial files related to 13 allocations, which are under the scanner of the agency, have also not been provided by the Ministry.

They said over 150 files related to the period of 1993-2004, which includes allocations made during NDA rule, are also being searched by the Ministry.


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