Further, the concern of the court is that "there is no undue delay in the investigation and the probe is conducted in a free and fair manner with no external interference" as there have been allegations that coal blocks were allocated for "extraneous considerations by unknown public servants in connivance with businessmen, industrialists and middlemen".
While giving reasons for favouring the court-monitored probe, a bench headed by justice R M Lodha said "the court is of the view that a fair, proper and full investigation by CBI into every accusation in respect of allocation of coal blocks shall help in retaining public confidence in the conduct of inquiry/investigation."
"Moreover, the court-monitoring in a matter of huge magnitude such as this shall help in moving the machinery of inquiry/investigation at an appropriate pace and its conclusion with utmost expedition without fear or favour," said Justice Lodha, writting the order on his behalf and Justice Kurien Joseph.
Justice Madan B Lokur, who concurred with the findings of Justice Lodha and wrote a separate order, endorsed the views of other two judges and said what is crucial for an investigation is that it should conclude expeditiously from the point of view of all concerned.
Justice Lodha said "the monitoring of investigations or inquiries by the court is intended to ensure that proper progress takes place without directing or channeling the mode or manner of investigation.

"The whole idea is to retain public confidence in the impartial inquiry/investigation into the alleged crime; that inquiry/investigation into every accusation is made on a reasonable basis irrespective of the position and status of that person and the inquiry/investigation is taken to the logical conclusion in accordance with law," he said.


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