There could be divergence of views in a coalition government, says the Prime Minister, which will hardly get any rebuttal. Rather a political party too sometimes strikes a discordant note. It is not possible that all members of the party will and should appear in unison on an issue because they have right to think differently and speak their mind, this is definitely a healthy trend of democracy. But it does not mean that keeping different stance should snowball into skirmishes which will in turn put a spanner in the functioning of a party or coalition entity or ruling establishment. The UPA-II seems to be battling with internal feud and factionalism, which is corroborated with Sharad Pawar’s statement that the government has gone frail, so it is under siege. Further adding to the chagrins of the government, he did not only take exception to the proposal on the Food Security Bill but also turned ignorant to the sting of double digit inflation. That’s not all, another important ally of the UPA, DMK, also endorses the viewpoints of Sharad Pawar. The most surprising statement came from Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee that Comptroller and Auditor General is working well while his colleagues frowned on the CAG’s way of working. Needles to say that the CAG’s report on 2G scam was not only pooh-poohed by the Congress ministers, but it was also told to be in limit.

According to Pranab Mukherjee, the CAG’s work is unblemished. It is matter of concern that the CAG’s functioning is not matching with ministers’ thinking as well as it did not have any qualm in publishing its report. In whatever way the statements of Sharad Pawar and Pranab Mukherjee are being taken, it is difficult to agree with the PM’s explanation that despite internal differences there is no dearth in cohesiveness in the governance. According to him, the Central government is working together. If it is true, why is then discordant attitude and lack of coordination between different ministers? Had the Power and Coal Ministries worked in tandem, the country would not have plunged into the blackout. So, a mere claim of  PM that there is no lack of cohesion would not work, rather a positive result should be ascertained there so that there should be feel good factors for delivering good governance.