New Delhi: In a move to strengthen the combing operation against Naxalites, the Cobra Battalion of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) will now be equipped with Israeli Assault rifles.

Procurement of AX-95 rifle has been ordered from Israel which will prove as a deadly weapon to fight the Naxal menace. More than1000 AX-95 rifles been delivered to train the Cobra soldiers to understand the functioning of the rifle.

One of the CRPF official informed that Cobra battalion is presently undergoing a special training programme. Two trainers from Israel have given detailed instruction to 40 Cobra soldiers on the handling of rifle.

The official claimed the special rifle will be used in operation against Naxals before the year end.
While detailing about the qualities of the AX-95 rifle, another senior CRPF said the rifle is weighs only three kilograms which makes it easy to hold. 5.56 mm bullet can be used in it apart from 9 mm bullet. It can release 260 bullets in one round.

Currently, the security forces are using AK-47 and AK-56 during combing operations.