Agra: The villagers in Agra would be feeling the real essence of Coca Cola’s marketing strategy, “Thanda matlab coca cola”, as the company has come out with a novel idea of setting up solar coolers in village shops to push up its sales.

 While big cities face power-cuts in summers, the solar cooler plan is pulling huge profits from villages as the people don’t have to pay extra for the ice-cooling of cold drinks.

 Beginning from Agra, the company has set up these coolers in 20 shops, spread over a dozen villages.

 Run by the solar energy, solar coolers are getting good response and the company has decided to set up 100 such coolers by end of this year.

 While villagers would be refreshing themselves with cold drinks, the drive also brings economic benefits to women shopkeepers as the company prefers their shops for setting up the coolers.

 Senior Manager, Coca Cola, Sameer Pathak on Sunday inspected these shops and appreciated the success of the market mantra.