Yamunanagar: For mining mafias in Haryana, even the orders of Punjab and Haryana High Court have fallen flat. With the fact that mining is still going on in Yamuna and surrounding regions, the administration’s claim of curbing this illegal activity has been exposed.

Contrary to it, officials of Haryana Irrigation Department and Police Department, who were appointed to check the illegal mining, seem to support the mafias by charging money from them for their entry in Uttar Pradesh.

Going against the High Court order which prohibited mining in Yamuna and surrounding regions from March last year, officials and policemen have been letting the work continue during night hours. Making the scenario even worse was the fact that the Hathnikund barrage was damaged due to overloaded vehicles plying over it carrying illegally mined sand.

Following which, the barrage was closed for the repair work. In an effort to prevent the entry of sand mafias, the Haryana government blocked all the routes and police check posts were established at different locations.

Check posts which were established for preventing the entry of sand mafias have allegedly transformed into a money minting machine for the policemen posted there. Sources maintained that police team posted at check posts was extorting money from mining mafias to permit their entry in the state.

According to sources, the illegal mining work is carried out only in the night hours.