"Happy" to be the face of the brand, Farhan says being fashion conscious is helpful as first impressions are "pretty lasting".You have to agree to the fact that there is something known as the first impressions and I think how you dress and how you kind of behave has a lot to do with it. So, I feel, up to a certain degree, the clothes that you wear are a representation of your personality and who you are," the "Rock On!!" .

He believes that all individuals have their own style statement, but one aspect that works for him is "to be comfortable in what you wear"."If you're comfortable and by comfortable I don't mean loose clothing. By comfortable, I mean you feel happy in what you wear, that happiness reflects in your energy, in the way you are, wherever you are.

It's important to be happy," said the father of two. At 41, Farhan tries on various styles -- formal, casual, quirky and even sporty sometimes. But if he had to describe his style in a word, it would be "sharp"."Once you know this, that's when your core and your personality takes over. So, it's a combination of the inspiration and your own interpretation of it."

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