"This acquisition further strengthens Cognizant's digital business transformation expertise and expands its portfolio of tools and services to help clients create digital enterprises that capitalise on new business models, drive innovative products and services, enhance workforce productivity, and improve customer experience," Cognizant said in a statement.
As part of the acquisition, about 150 digital specialists with expertise across enterprise mobile, web and cloud services will join Cognizant, it added.
Founded in 2007, Odecee operates in Australia and New Zealand, offering services to marquee clients in the financial services, insurance, healthcare, logistics and communications sectors.
This acquisition also brings to Cognizant intellectual property like Velocedee, a platform that helps centralise highly secure mobile applications and enables rapid
 implementation of core business processes across a wide range of mobile devices.
"This strategic acquisition underscores our commitment to the local market and our focus on strengthening our digital capabilities," Cognizant Regional Head (Australia and New  Zealand) John Burgin said.