"I feel that as far as possible, we should go by the collective wisdom," Fadnavis said, when asked if he felt it was proper for Sena to take sharply divergent views on important issues like Jaitapur nuclear project or the land acquisition legislation.
"As an ally, they (Sena) should be understanding. We try to explain to them. Even then, if they aren't convinced, they go their way," Fadnavis said in an interview.

"We are two separate parties. We have the same ideology, on a broader scale. But we have different opinions on some issues. Had everything been the same, then we would not have been two separate parties," Fadnavis, who assumed power six months back, said.

Though partners earlier, BJP and Sena had fought the assembly polls in October 2014 separately but came together two months after Fadnavis was sworn in as Chief Minister.
"The fact that we are two different parties means there bound to be some differences on issues between us," he said. Asked if he was confident that Shiv Sena will continue to be a part of the government for the full five-year term till State Assembly polls in 2019, Fadnavis said "Hundred percent... By all means."
Queried if BJP will be looking for a new partner like NCP  for the government to run the full term, Fadnavis said "We don't need a new partner."
To a question whether he was prepared for any eventuality, Fadnavis said "Why should I be prepared? I don't see any eventuality."
When his attention was drawn to speculation that Sena might part ways with BJP ahead of Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) elections in 2017, he said these are "rumours spread by vested interests."

"I don't see any truth in that. We will fight the BMC polls together," he said. Sena has come out with different views from the BJP on several issues including the Jaitapur nuclear power plant in coastal Konkan region. While Sena wanted the project to be shifted, Fandvais has ruled out the question of abandoning the project.

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