During those days, Achrekar would put Rs 1 coin on top of the stump and if Sachin wouldn't get out, the coin would be his.
"I think the most important memorabilia for me is the coins that I have got from my coach Achrekar sir, those are the most important ones," Tendulkar said at the launch of
India's first celebrity commerce website Collectabillia in association with Cafe Coffee Day lounge.
The Collectabilia Celebrity Walls which would feature some rare authentic memorabilia autographed by legends from different walks of life.
The collection includes Sachin Tendulkar 200th Test commemorative autographed bat, along with boxing gloves signed by Muhammad Ali. After having a look at Ali's big gloves, Tendulkar said that it was exactly the same that is there in his Bandra bunglow.
"On my 40th birthday, I got a pleasant surprise from Anjana (Anjana Reddy, who is MD of Universal Sportsbiz that operates Collectabilia.com). The Muhammad Ali's glove that you are seeing here - I have one exactly like that at home signed by Muhammad Ali. That has to be a special memorabilia. Another priceless piece of memorabilia has to be the framed picture and bat signed by Sir Don. Apart from Ali's signed gloves, Sir Don's autographed bat and framed picture another precious item that I possess," the cricket legend said.

A music buff and a big fan of Knopfler, it is obvious that rock star's signed personal guitar is also a treasured item for Tendulkar.
"Other than cricket, I like motorsports and football but moving away from sport then it is music. Music, obviously from the western part of the world, it has got to be Dire Straits. Knopfler presented me his personal guitar. So that has to be the top of the music (collectors' item) list," he said.
The iconic Lata Mangeshkar treats Tendulkar like his son and by cricketer's own admission, he is waiting for the gift from his "Lata Didi".
"Something which I am really looking forward to is Lata Didi has promised me something, so hopefully I should have that with me. It is a surprise. That is something I am looking forward to. It will be a special one. These are the top three artistes as far as music is concerned for me.
"Among Indian musicians, Ashaji gave me her own personal record, which was from the 70s. It was signed and a song the way it is meant to be sung (notations) in her handwriting, which is really special to me. AR Rahman, who is a good friend, gave me his personal guitar, so that is dear to me."
For Tendulkar, what makes these memorabilias special is the feeling associated with those items when these great musicians parted with them.


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