The comedy show has taken over to audiences’ heart so much that a group of people has been fooling people by selling passes of the programme.

According to reports, this fake group is selling passes for Rs. 8000-10,000 to watch the shoot and an additional Rs 10,000 to appear on TV.

Preeti Simoes, Creative Director of Comedy Nights with Kapil, tweeted on Sunday, “guyzz .... CNWK passes FREE hai, so dont pay to anyone ....tis show only takes blessing not money ;).

Preeti also said that she was left in utter surprise when she was told by a few people that they had come on the show by paying Rs 10,000.

One of the key comedians of this show, Kiku Sharda, also said, “We are requesting the audiences to keep away from this scam. These fraud people are only trying to make some money using the name of our show.


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