London: Comic actor Russell Brand has written an essay titled 'Big Brother isn't watching you' calling the violent protests 'sad and frightening'.
Many celebrities and native Brits have spoken out via twitter against the violence, but 36-year-old Brand took to writing to air his thoughts on the many days of rioting in London, reported on an online media.
"I no longer live in London," Brand writes at the opening of his nearly 1,800 word essay. "I've been transplanted to Los Angeles by a combination of love and money; such good fortune and opportunity, in both cases, you might think disqualify me from commenting on matters in my homeland," he wrote.
Brand goes on to say that when he was younger, he too rioted in England and was even arrested for "criminal damage" years ago.
"I found those protests exciting, yes, because I was young and a bit of a twerp but also, I suppose, because there was a void in me. A lack of direction, a sense that I was not invested in the dominant culture, that government existed not to look after the interests of the people it was elected to represent but the big businesses that they were in bed with.
"That state of deprivation though is, of course, the condition that many of those rioting endure as their unbending reality. No education, a weakened family unit, no money and no way of getting any. JD Sports is probably easier to desecrate if you can't afford what's in there and the few poorly paid jobs there are taken," Brand added.