Muzzafarpur: The condition of education system in Bihar has been crying for attention and this is more evident from the fact that there is only one Professor for 2170 students. Highlighting the pitiable educational system in the state is the RDS College here under the BR Ambedkar University where one teacher has to take twenty classes in a day.

The commerce stream in RDS College is one of the most sought after in the state. But the heavy influx of students fails to match up with the number of teachers. There is only one Professor, who is the Head of Department (HoD) for the faculty of 2170 students.

The responsibility to educate Commerce students, studying in the intermediate to post-graduation level, lies on the shoulders of one Professor, Dr Ram Chandra Prasad Singh (HoD) who has to take at least twenty classes in a day.

Singh inevitably faces the trouble when he has to take multiple classes at the same time. Though three faculties were appointed to aid Singh, the varsity administration’s refusal to pay for their remuneration failed to retain them.

There are nine approved faculty posts for the Commerce section of the college out of which eight have already retired.

The college has 512 seats for 11th and 12th standard while at the graduation level the seat strength is 350. In the post-graduation level, 48 students can seek admission in the college. However, for the academic year 2011-12 the University administration has increased the seats by 1.5 times.

The present condition is such that with the schedule of twenty classes at the same time, from standard twelve to post-graduation level, most of the classes are normally suspended due to lack of teachers.

Manoj Kumar, a student of the college said, “We don’t go the college as no classes are taken. We totally rely on the tuitions for completing our syllabus.”

According to Mukesh Kumar, a third-year student, “Even after repeated requests to the Principal there have been no efforts from the administration for the management of the classes. Every time they give the excuse that there is a shortage of staff in the college.”

On this, Principal Dr Amrendra Narayan Yadav said, “The University administration has already been appraised of the situation but they also don’t have adequate number of professors to appoint for the college.” And the government is also not paying attention, he added.