Dehradun: Public good is given the foremost priority in the prevalent custom of democracy, but the government here seems to have closed its eyes to this precedent. It has taken more interest in encouraging the resort culture than opening the road which would have served common people’s interest.

The matter is related to Corbet National Park where two villages, Jamud and Kalakand, adjacent to it are likely to have a resort, whereas no commercial activity is allowed in the protected area.

Notably, Jamud and Kalakand are said to be important as far as Tiger Habitat is concerned. The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) has also not favoured any commercial activity within the critical Tiger Habitat area.

The state government, however, has shown its apathy towards the construction of Kandi road which could have helped the residents of Kumayun and Garhwal region, who in lack of any connectivity still use the road passing through Uttar Pradesh.

The apathetic approach of the government can be gauged from this fact that it had given nod to the proposal of developing the resort on the Rangganga River for promoting angling in 2004.

According to sources, when the MoU was signed the norms related to Forest Laws were kept aside. Surprisingly, no clearance was taken even from the Central government. In addition, by ignoring all the rules and regulations, a road was constructed from Durgadevi to Ramganga. Besides, in the name of anti-poaching a room was also constructed which is yet to be utilized.

When the questions about commercial activity in Jamud and Kalakand were raised, the Chief Minister ordered a probe into the matter but the administration gave a clean chit to this issue.

Although the matter seems to have been hushed up for the time being, the commercial activity would certainly disturb the wildlife.