Climate change is a reality with one degree rise in temperature caused by 150 years of uncontrolled carbon emission by the developed world, Javadekar said at the 11th National Convention on Sustainable Development Goals here.

While 30 per cent of cumulative contribution was that of the United States, Europe, Canada and other developed countries accounted for 50 per cent and China 10 per cent, whereas India was responsible for only 3 per cent carbon emission, he said.
"The developed world went ahead with business as usual scenario without bothering about environmental impact. Now it has happened, and we are suffering," he said.
On Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision on climate change, Javadekar said "though India is not part of the problem, it wants to be part of the solution". India being well-aware of its responsibilities was committed to UN Goals on sustainable development, he said.
"Our commitment is reflected in every programme being pursued by the government," he said. He listed out Government's ambitious 175 Giga Watt renewable energy programme, covering solar, wind, hydro-power and nuclear energy as a major step in promoting environment friendly development.


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