Responding to the charge of being tagged an anarchist for leading elements with diverse ideologies lacking cohesiveness, Kejriwal said, "We can have people amongst us wedded to different ideologies but we are committed to the framework of the Indian Constitution."
The former Delhi chief minister said that he would not like to be bound by ideological confines and does not believe in ‘isms’ denoting political leanings.
"I am influenced by (Mahatma) Gandhi. I follow the humanist ideology. We want to empower people and change the system which is based on political corruption," he said in an interview to a Marathi news channel telecast on Thursday.
Replying to questions, Kejriwal said that he was earlier an atheist (person who does not believe in God) but had become a ‘believer’ since the last three years as he felt that his course had been chartered by the divine will.
"I would not have imagined even in my wildest dream that I would quit my income tax job. I never thought of fighting elections. This is all God's will. There is a power that guides you," he said, adding that he believes in the Bhagwad Gita philosophy that professes doing one's ordained duty without expecting fruit of action.
"Gita is not just faith but is a science," Kejriwal said.


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