New Delhi: The Delhi Urban Development Ministry is keen to revisit the Master Plan 2021 for the welfare of the people. Urban Development Minister Kamalnath has instructed the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) to include public participation and ensure transparency in the master plan. Also, the DDA would have to make sure that all tasks related to the plan review are completed by April.

The ministry has appointed a committee under the guidance of Lieutenant Governor Tejendra Khanna to submit the revised Master Plan 2021. 

In the meeting with DDA officials, Kamalnath spoke of establishing ‘open houses’ to ensure public participation that would invite suggestions from all sections of the society. This would enable the people to send their ideas till April 30 or load their suggestions on the DDA website.

The committee will submit its first report to the DDA by June 30.  Kamalnath has also asked the DDA to give advertisements for ‘open houses’ in all major Hindi and English newspapers in advance to encourage maximum number of ideas by the people.