"The BJP-RSS campaign now being unleashed in Varanasi and all over the country clearly shows that the mainstay of Modi's campaign has always remained sharpening of communal polarisation, notwithstanding the efforts to mislead the people by highlighting the development agenda," Yechury said here.

Observing that this showed the ‘typical RSS-BJP double- speak’, he said the consequences of such communal polarisation on the eve of the last phase of polling would have ‘serious consequences for the unity and integrity of India and the communal harmony among the people’.

"This game of the BJP must be defeated in the interests of the country and its people," Yechury said.     

The CPI(M) leader's comments came in the wake of Modi's election speeches especially in West Bengal and Bihar and the heightened BJP campaign following denial of permission for him to hold a public meeting at a venue of his party's choice in Varanasi.


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