The Bihar Chief Minister also voiced concern over the frequency and magnitude of religious processions, which are sometimes given innovative names like 'Yatra' and 'Parikrama'.

PM expresses concern over increasing communal violence

"We see that whenever there is communal violence, more often than not, the involvement of anti-social elements draws their strength in collusion with the political class. We have seen what happened at Muzaffarnagar,” he said.

"This is a matter of deep concern. We cannot allow this (violence) to spread all over the country. Some forces fan the fire of communal tensions in order to polarize the situation in their favour. This kind of political thinking completely stuns me," Kumar said.

Stressing that such forces should be fought with all the strength and their "nefarious" plans should not be allowed to succeed, he said that people of India want good governance ‘but not at the cost of societal instability and violence’. “They do not want to be entangled in old slogans of division and hatred,” he said.


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