RJs of local community radio centres are doing marvellous work in the upliftment of society. G Gandhimathi, 43, is doing remarkable work in community radio. She makes farmers aware about modern methods of agriculture by her unique ideas.
Radha Shukla, 43, is a  station manager of Waqt Ki Awaaz which airs in Awadhi language to 300 villages in the Kanpur district in Uttar Pradesh. She runs programmes based on social subjects. Shanta Koshti, 50, is now recognised radio voice. Earlier, she was a low-paid beedi worker. The Central government awarded Koshti for her noble work.

The community radio is a tool to make people aware in backward areas. Today, India has around 179 community radio stations. The first station was set up in 2004, since then these radio centres have been doing notable work.

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