New Delhi: Highlighting the fears about talent crunch, senior executives across Asian countries feel that this year companies are likely to focus more on retaining people, according to a survey. 

These findings are part of a survey carried out by global executive search firm BTI Consultants.

Asian countries especially India and China are seeing high growth and against this backdrop, companies would be focusing on "talent retention than talent acquisition", BTI
Consultants India's Consulting Director & Head James Agrawal said.

Attrition level in India is expected to remain between 12 to 18 per cent and companies are looking more at “employee engagement” policies to retain good talent. 

Firms across sectors are looking to carefully manage their workforce through training and career development programmes, the report added.

"Scarcity of senior level talent is a constraint in multinational firms," it said.

Agrawal noted that hiring would be selective in terms of skilled workforce in 2011 across verticals. "India Inc is expected to expand headcount to capitalise on growth opportunities," he said.

As per the findings, there is high level of confidence this year for the "telecom, IT, tourism, hospitality, medical, healthcare and finance sectors".