New Delhi: The Centre has expressed its helplessness in checking pesky calls and messages. Union Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal said it is impossible to put a complete ban on such calls and SMSs in this era of cutting edge technologies.

Nearly after two years of preparation, the Telecom Regulatory Authority had this month banned pesky calls and unwanted messages on mobile phones which had built hopes to provide relief to the consumers. But, the string of calls and massages started once again and the situation is back to square one.

This time, the marketing companies have adopted a new route and started troubling consumers through the internet.
“The TRAI will look into the matter. However, the truth is that this cannot be completely stopped,” said Sibal at the Economic Editors Conference.

“The companies are now using the internet tool and it does not fall under our jurisdiction. If the internet server in located abroad, the government cannot do anything in it,” he added. Sibal said that the new rules have come into effect and a review report will be prepared on basis of experience.

He further said that the proposal to convert postal department into a bank will be ready in next six months. “It will be our effort that the postal department also handles financial activities like microfinance companies do,” he mentioned.

If everything goes as per plan, 1.55 lakh post offices along with the India Postal Department will become the world’s largest network.