Greater Noida: Despite several efforts made by the State government to achieve complete literacy in Greater Noida, the data revealed by the census report suggests that the district has still to go a long way.

According to the 2011 data, around 82.20 percent of population is literate whcih includes 92 percent male and 72 percent females. The current year figures revealed that the literacy rate is only 14 percent more than what is recorded in 2001. 

The slow growth can be attributed to negligent state of the literacy centres set up in 245 Gram Panchayats. Besides, it has become impossible for the education department to overcome the challenge to organise regular classes.

 Moreover, the lack of coordination between the education department and Gran Pradhan has adversely affected the growth rate of literacy.

Expressing grievances over the poor management by the education department, Amrish Bhatti, chief of Bisrakh Block said, “In 10 years of my tenure no meeting has been held on national literacy mission.”

It is to be noted that 56,937 illiterate people including 21, 565 male and 35, 373 females were identified in district survey. In order to impart education to them the state government had formed a committee from district to village level.