New Delhi: The CD controversy involving eminent lawyer Shanti Bhushan has attracted nation’s attention. The Central Forensic Sciences Laboratory (CFSL), which conducted forensic analysis, refuting the eminent lawyer’s claim of it being doctored said "there is continuity in the conversation".

Dainik Jagran has got the copy of the controversial CD, and the excerpts of the conversation, which is originally in Hindi, among Amar Singh, Samajwadi Party Chief Mulayam Singh and the eminent lawyer, Shanti Bhushan is given below:

Mulayam Singh: Hello
Amar Singh: Netaji, you must be knowing Shanti Bhushan
Mulayam: Hmm
Amar: He is sitting right next to me
Mulayam: Ok
Amar: Prashant Bhushan is his son. He files PIL and is a very good advocate.
Mulayam: Yes
Amar: Prashant was discussing about Agra matter. He knows Justice Singhvi well.
Mulayam: Ok
Amar: He will get the work done.
Mulayam: Brilliant job
Amar: You talk to him directly and decide for yourself.
Mulayam: Ok, hello.
Shanti Bhushan: See, Prashant files PIL.
Mulayam: Hmm
Shanti: Through which he earns some money.
Mulayam: Hmm
Shanti: See, we have heard the whole story
Mulayam: Hmm
There is only way out. Prashant is very good at managing things.
Mulayam: Alright
Shanti: For this not much money is required and Rs 4 crores will be (interruption) sufficient.

Mulayam says something, which is not clear

Shanti: See, this is a restraint. Bhardwaj himself is corrupt.
Mulayam: Alright
Shanti: Chief Justice of become a judge (voice unclear), bring lakhs of money
Mulayam: Hm..Hmm
We will make you the judge (to decide..)
Mulayam: Now who will make him understand (unclear), whether he or somebody else there is no point in explaining them.
Shanti: He takes bribe to make a judge. So, all the judges including Chief Justice of India are corrupt.
Mulayam: Fine, it’s ok.
Shanti: But, what I was saying about Prashant (unclear)
Mulayam: We will see that.
Hello, is it fine now sir
Mulayam: Yes, it is fine now. In fact it is very good.
Amar: Otherwise all of them will die.
Mulayam: Yes, they will face consequences. Tomorrow Prakash Karat will be giving a statement.
Amar: Yes sir he will be giving.
Mulayam: Ok
Amar: Hope that your blessings are always with us
Mulayam: Definitely
Amar: Ok Ok
Mulayam: Has Amitabh left?
Amar: Yes he left.
Mulayam: Ok
Amar: Ok Good night

2006 CD: According to Prashant Bhushan this is the original CD whose excerpts have been used in the fake CD by Amar Singh.

Mulayam Singh: Hello
Amar Singh: Yes sir, greetings.
Mulayam: Ok it’s fine.
Amar: Yes
Mulayam: I was listening and feeling
Amar: I also spoke in the end.
Mulayam: You also said, it’s good. But, you forgot one thing that these were not mere suggestions but orders. I was also listening that these were all orders. But, who will make them understand, be it Home Minister or anybody else.
Amar: It is like this
Mulayam: Yes, much is still left
Amar: I wanted Rajat to speak these things
Mulayam: So did he speak
Amar: yes, why should I speak less? Hello
Mulayam: It’s Ok
Amar: Yes I have told him that very politely I have called him ‘Dwaarpaal’
Mulayam: (laughing) You said ‘Dwaarpaal’ but is it polite?
Amar: Yes
Mulayam: Is it polite to call ‘Dwaarpaal’
Amar: What else
Mulayam: Also took the name of Sonia
Amar: Yes I took her name and also said that why not do it in Haryana.
Mulayam: Yes, include Assam, Kashmir as well.
Amar: Assam, Kashmir. Why sympathy to Mulayam Singh for giving suggestions. I also said that do not consider my politeness as my weakness.
Mulayam: you read a couplet.
Amar: Yes
Mulayam: Ok now you sleep
Amar: Everything ok now sir
Mulayam: Yes everything went fine, It went on for 2.5 hrs of which 2 hrs we concentrated on the same subject.
Amar: Yes they all will die
Mulayam: Yes, they will face problems. Is Prakash Karat giving his statement tomorrow?
Amar: Yes
Mulayam: Is Prakash Karat giving his statement tomorrow?
Amar: Yes he will
Mulayam: Has Forward Block given it?
Amar:yes, Forward block gave it..
Mulayam: Devvrat Vishwaas
Amar: Yes he was in Lucknow, gave it there.
Mulayam: Very good
Amar: Day after tomorrow we all will be together on the same platform
Mulayam: Yes, yes
Amar: Now media also cannot defeat these people. It was our stubborn attitude that helped during black out.
Mulayam: Yes
Amar: So should we extend it
Mulayam: yes extend it
Amar: Yes, today would have seen the whole country
Mulayam: Yes saw the whole country
Amar: yes saw it completely
Mulayam: Yes
Amar: ok sir
Mulayam: ok
Amar: may your blessings be always on our head
Mulayam: Full blessings
Amar: Yes
Mulayam: Has Amitabh left?
Amar: Yes he left
Mulayan: Good
Amar: Ok good night