Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s admittance that coalition compulsion is a big hurdle in the smooth functioning of the government has not gone down well with the Union Agricultural Minister Sharad Pawar who has always backed the government in difficult times. But the fact remains that the government is functioning under immense pressure of its allies. There is a lack of cohesion within the UPA even on matters related to national importance. This is not going to take the country anywhere. The double standards adopted by the coalition partners are harmful. On one hand the coalition system pledges support to the government but on the other it acts as a roadblock to matters of national importance. The coalition partners have to understand that the government’s failure will adversely affect their image too as they are a part UPA 2. The manner in which Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi had to resign against the wills of the Prime Minister for presenting the budget that was forward looking has dented the government’s image. The TMC had recently adopted a similar attitude towards FDI in retail sector. Under pressure from Mamata Banerjee the government was forced to rollback its decision. Many amendments along with the Land Acquisition Bill are pending in the Parliament due to indifferent nature of the coalition partners.

There are enough evidences to prove that coalition partners of the UPA for petty gains are not able to develop a view point which is beneficial for the country. They rather oppose the decision of the government just to have an upper hand in the state politics. This is not going to take them anywhere. Though the Congress may become successfully appeasing Sharad Pawar, but the same cannot be said for its other coalition partners.